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Open borders killing the west

I am not entirely sure how to start what I want to convey to you guys. I find it to be a difficult topic. Because from what I have seen, tends to bring out a lot of bad qualities in people. Also, it is difficult because there are so many factors involved. IQ, race, economics, philosophy, society, culture, religion etc etc etc…

Speaking about this scares me. It scares me, because I don’t want to be called names. I don’t want to fight with people I have considered to be brothers and sisters in philosophy.
But alas, I communicate this, because what scares me the most, is the consequences of not talking about it.

There is a divide in the freedom community. In the FDR community. Most of us know this. The issue of immigration and borders.
For some time now, Stefan has been under fire from people who will say things like ”Stefan has abandoned principles”, ”Stefan is a statist”, ”Stefan is a racist”, ”Stefan has gone crazy”.

I will dedicate another post to what I feel about all these allegations towards Stefan. With this post, I want to help people understand where at least I come from on this issue, which I think mirrors Stefans stand on it quite well.

This will be a short explanation of how I have come to the conclusion that immigration and border control is an extremely important topic for us who want a free society. There is a lot more that could be added, but I believe what follows will give sufficient reason for people to see the immigration from the middle east to the west as on of the biggest threats to our cause, a free peaceful society. Of course, by all means, correct me wherever I go astray if I do.

Deep breath, let’s begin.

Open borders in a welfare society is a government program. It is about importing people, who are more likely than the domestic population to vote for a larger government. And why wouldn’t they really, it is big government (i.e welfare state) that puts food on their tables. It is also big government that will make sure that immigrants already in the country will have family, friends or just people of the same religion (Islam) to also immigrate to that country, who will also end up in general voting for bigger government.

Where does the welfare money come from? It comes from, in general, the people native to the country. People who are more likely to vote for smaller government and less welfare. These people work, and then have their money taken away from them, that is then given to people who do not work, and who will vote for more welfare, more government.
This is already problematic with the people just coming in. But what makes it worse, is that they don’t just come over and live off the stolen productive labor of the natives… They have children. Children, that will grow up in households, dependent on welfare. What will those children one day vote for do you think?
And what makes it EVEN WORSE… Is that these immigrants, not only have children… They have MANY more children than the native people paying for them to have children!
I have hesitated to use this word before, but I believe it is appropriate. It is genocide. Silent genocide. Take money from a group of people, who will be less likely to have children because of diminished resources, and give that money to another group of people who have done nothing to earn that money, who will then be able to have more children because of an increase in resources. That is genocide. At the point of a gun forcing a group of people to support another group of people having children, at their own reproductive expense.

But wait, there is more. These people, already burdening the native population with their own welfare dependency and the future welfare dependency of their children, are also much more likely to commit violent crimes against the native population! Not only is it letting in people, it is letting in more violent people. Letting in people more likely to rape and murder. Importing crime.

What does this all boil down to?
This is the FDR community. And most of us accept, that the road to a peaceful society, is through the peaceful parenting of children. It’s the ONLY way.
And the migrant crisis, is threatening to set us back in the work that has been done so far. Letting in these immigrants is going to put children at a higher risk of violence. Of trauma. It is going to put their parents at a higher risk of trauma. It is going to result in children having to be around more of these, in general more violent immigrant children in schools, at playgrounds. The immigrant children will do worse in school, because of their lower IQ, and white people will be blamed for being racist, adding more fuel to the leftist agenda of bigger government.

And of course, the people paying for the immigrants to have children, will themselves have fewer children. More violent parents breeding, less peaceful parents breeding.
Do you think it is difficult convincing society today of peaceful parenting? Well, it is only going to get worse when we import people with cultural backgrounds that treat their children even worse. Female genital mutilation. Wife beating. Stoning. A higher rate of male circumcision.

It is not only about defense (which I believe is justified) when it comes to talking about restricting borders in a statist society. But it is also about saving the future. Making sure we have time to educate people on peaceful parenting. Because if this is not done… then our children will have no future worthy of living in.

There is much more to this, but I feel confident that I have made a solid case for the position I hold. That supporting open borders in a statist welfare society, is not fighting for freedom, for a free society. It is working against a free society. It is being an accomplice in the destruction of the most peaceful civilization the world has ever seen.
It is dooming our children to lives in slavery.